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We love sharing our clients journey with everyone!  We all have to start somewhere.  Please take a moment and read our clients testimonials.  Hopefully we can share your testimony on this page one day!


I have health issues that greatly compromised my neck movement.  I only had 50% mobility in my neck and was instructed to perform core exercises.  Since everyone loves core exercises, I decided I needed Dave for help.  I noticed him in the gym doing lots of core exercises with every single one of his clients.  And boy did he come to the rescue!


In a matter of a few months I noticed and overall complete body improvement!  I decided to keep working with Dave for the next 8 years.  He still finds ways to challenge me and keeps me moving during our workouts.  And most important, Dave always keeps my physical limitations in mind when working with me.
Human Recourses


My weight has increased to 215lbs and my blood pressure and cholesterol were getting worse.  My nightly snoring had gotten unbearable for my wife.  The Sleep Center in Paoli Hospital had concluded that I had sleep apnea.  I was blaming the weight gain on the effects of my medication.  My metabolism was horrible.  But my doctor blamed my appetite and lack of exercise.


Dave's workouts and nutrition program (meal plan) helped me lose a staggering 45lbs in just a few months!  I now weigh 170lbs (high school weight).  I feel great and my wife told be the snoring has stopped.  My daughter and wife both train with Dave and love him!
Tax Account Comcast


I decided I needed to get back into a regular exercise program.  I just happened to hit the jackpot in finding Dave!  He motivates me, encourages me and most of all makes working out actually fun.  I don't know if I would of stayed with the program if I were doing it on my own.  Working out with Dave has helped my bone density and I actually developed muscle mass!  Dave's workouts are always different, challenging and fun!  I never could of imagined weight loss being so fun.  He always reminds me that laughing during out workouts is good for the core!
Project Manager Vanguard


I am a mother of two.  I started working out with Dave in private 1 on 1 training in 2005 and then decided to try his Bootcamp in 2009.  I not only lost all my belly fat, I even got my six pack back!  I take Dave's Bootcamp class twice a week and follow the meal plan he provided for me.  I highly recommend Dave's Bootcamp!  You can lose as much weight as you want.  He's with you every step of the way.  Its not your normal workout class.  He really cares about his clients.  His workouts are challenging and he always makes it fun for everyone no matter what age or weight you are!
Supervisor Vanguard


I'm a college student and could not afford private personal training.  So Dave suggested I try out his Bootcamp.  It's only $12 per class and WOW was that a great decision!  I not only lost 15lbs, I also gained 3lbs of muscle and have a much stronger core.  I play soccer in college which requires lost of drills in practice.  Dave's circuits made the drills quit easy!  I am now a much betrer soccer player for my school and look forward to training with Dave in the off season.
College Student


I started working out with Dave in 2009.  Since than I have lost 45lbs and 10% Body Fat!  I also gained 12lbs of muscle in just one year.  I accomplished this by following the Meal Plan Dave provided for me and making sure I didn't miss workouts.  I needed the accountability.  If you are looking to lose weight, get or stay toned or build some muscle, Dave is your guy!  I also highy suggest taking his Bootcamp.  I decided to add that to my weekly workout routine since I hate doing cardio on my own.
Plant Manager

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